Dear green friends,

I am applying to become the leader of the Greens because I believe that our party is needed now more than ever. We have a great opportunity to reach an increasing number of Finns and to become the leading party in the future. However, achieving this requires hard work, a humble attitude, and team spirit. We must not be discouraged by election defeats or dwell on past disappointments. The Greens need a new direction, and I want to be instrumental in bringing about this change as your chair.

Allow me to introduce myself: I am a second-term Member of Parliament, a single parent, and an entrepreneur. My educational background includes a degree in Education Sciences, and I have also completed training in solution-oriented psychotherapy. Life has taught me the value of a strong welfare society, as I have not been handed things easily. I started working during high school and have since been involved in various sectors of society. Through personal experiences and overcoming significant adversities, I have gained a deep understanding of the challenges people face in their everyday lives. This is precisely why I joined the Greens – to advocate for every child’s right to pursue their dreams, to ensure no one is left alone in times of adversity, and to create a society where anyone can achieve their full potential, regardless of their family background or place of birth. I want to be part of a team that does not compromise on building a more sustainable future and that relies on well-researched information for decision-making.

I have been a member of the party for seven years and have been nominated in five elections. Each time, I have ranked number one on our list, increasing the number of votes despite the challenges faced by our party. I have not achieved this alone, but with the support of a dedicated and growing team, many of whom joined us from outside the party. This collective strength is what I aim to harness as the party’s leader. Together, we can become the party that people want to be a part of, offering credible solutions across all areas of politics. We Greens have every opportunity to become the leading party with a future prime minister.

As the chair of our county council group, I understand the dynamics of green activities at the local level. I know how to connect with voters both in municipalities and cities. As the chair of the party, I want to establish the Greens as a credible alternative throughout Finland.

If elected as chair, I will build a team where everyone feels valued and heard. Over the past four years, I have encountered the unfortunate belief held by many that they are not ”green enough.” I have personally wrestled with these thoughts and experiences. This problem needs to be addressed. We must be inclusive and welcoming to all. There is no single right way to be green. I aim to foster a culture where every Finn who shares our values and goals feels welcome within the Greens. As chair, I will actively engage with people, stepping outside the confines of our doors to welcome them and encourage them to join us in making a difference.

We must strive to influence all areas of politics because there has never been a greater need for green politics that address pressing human issues. We must simultaneously pursue fact-based and forward-thinking policies while not losing sight of the practical problems faced by Finns in their daily lives. Drawing from my experience as an entrepreneur in therapy and education, I would expand our focus to encompass a broader range of themes. For example, the Greens have ample opportunities for new economic approaches that benefit the entire country. As chair, I would set a goal for us to credibly compete for the position of the leading party within ten years.

Although I am currently serving my second term as a Member of Parliament, I bring a fresh perspective to the party’s leadership, particularly in light of the challenges we have faced. I view politics as a team game, where no one can succeed alone. The crucial task for the elected leader in June will be to initiate the party’s reconstruction together with the rest of the party leadership, the party secretary, and the members. As chair, I would involve and delegate responsibilities to the entire party leadership. I would ensure that the expertise of the entire green field is utilized, and that the diverse voices of the Greens are genuinely heard and seen. Change is made together.

We are a party that possesses the ability and solutions to rejuvenate Finland. However, it requires concrete action within the framework defined by nature and the climate. I seek your trust in the election of the chair and your hope for support in the campaign to effect this change.

If you have any questions or would like to have a conversation, please do not hesitate to contact me at!

Would you like to be part of making a difference? Welcome to the campaign!

Warm regards,